What do we do in IMINOX?

In IMINOX we implement our mission through five action lines:

Training Modular courses with general information to show the use of stainless steels and their attributes in different applications.
Technical Support Responses and reference links to specific enquiries from the general public.
Stainless steel generic features.
Type of steel for a specific application.
Acting as third party reference.
Use and care, among others.
University Linking We are present at universities in different ways, ranging from lectures, seminars or complete university academic programs topics in order to train the next generations of professionals in the knowledge of stainless steels and the ability to specify them in specific applications.
Projects We promote and asses the general public with their project initiatives where and when they intend to use stainless steel, facilitating the process.
Publications We have our own publications (printed and electronic) as well as other international ones, which support the stainless steel knowledge and relevant data for specific applications.